Sunday, 1 June 2014

Behind the Scenes: The Usual Suspects Pt IV

Several of our characters have names, or at least, terms by which we refer to them.  This character, who first appeared in 2013, seems to have eluded a title.

His ultra-casual, feet-up posing suggests he has a superior attitude.  In the kitchen-diner (above) he is definitely in charge.  Clearly, he is also involved in facilitating shady deals.  The photo below has been treated with colour filters, and is a rare example from our archive, of some images that we given colour treatment to. (They remain in the archive pending the right context to share them.)

However, this character's ultra-cool persona is easily shattered when things don't pan out too well...

He's found himself in serious trouble here:  The books can't be balanced, and even the glasse are off!

Too cool for his own good, he is once again plotting and scheming.  Don't get caught up in his machinations!

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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