Sunday, 15 June 2014

Behind the Scenes: A Frank Article

Our current compilation is a collection of shadows and silhouettes. Although the word 'shadow' is in our name, and we do use lighting to enhance a 'noir' atmosphere, looking for interesting shadows, we don't always set out to record the shadows themselves.  

However, there have been many moments when the shapes of particular shadows have been too engaging to miss, and so were duly photographed.  

Alongside several of these, we present silhouetted figures, engaged in mysterious or sometimes violent actions.

Working from our ever-growing catalogue, we thought this particular collection worked well.  Often, immediately before pressing the 'Post' button on a Thursday evening, Hamish and I engage in a kind of verbal tussle over the title for each week's episode.  It can take some time to come up with one we both feel is entirely fitting for the subject matter for that week.  

Recently, we have been referencing old song titles, as you may have spotted.  This time, we have stolen a line or two from that old classic.....'Me and My Shadow'.  Taken out of context, the lines have a more sinister and menacing feel; 'You'll never get rid of your shadow, Frank, you'll never get rid of me!' (Our exclamation mark!)

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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