Sunday, 24 May 2015

Behind the Scenes: Take a Long Hard Look And Tell Us If You Recognize Any Of These Men

For, 'The Unusual Suspects', we thought we'd mix things up a bit.  

The scenario:  Several of our characters have been dragged in to appear in a police line-up.  However, in order to avoid recognition, they have cleverly decided to swap key identifying items.  The problem is, they've done this rather hurriedly, and may have been momentarily thrown into confusion about their current assumed identity...  Is this a fatal flaw in their plan?

As a general rule, we try to avoid composites, but we have used the technique before, although not very often.  It seemed to be the only solution for this particular theme.  Here are some of the individual shots:

(Above) "This guy looks familiar, but the one I saw was dressed more smartly, with a jacket and tie, so it can't be him."

(Above) "No, he had a hat on, and didn't wear sunglasses.  He got the same tie on, though."

(Above) "No, the guy I saw never had a hat on."
(Below) "Hell, I swear that looks just like that drunken pilot bum from the bar on 54th, but he never had no long hair, no sir.  I guess it just ain't him!"

(Below) "Hey man, don;t hassle me, the dude I saw never wore no woollen hat, and he was blowin' smoke like a volcano, man!"

(Above) Thinks: 'Isn't there supposed to be a gun in here somewhere?'

(Above) Thinks: 'Do I actually have to smoke this?'

                Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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