Sunday, 8 June 2014

Behind the Scenes: Shadow Bruising!

Our latest episode is another animated piece.  It was shot in the upstairs landing of Martin's house, quite a narrow passageway with a doorway at the end.  It continues the theme of the zombie government, but this time featuring a celebrated politician who is more in the background these days.  The lighting gave a suitably shadowy, spooky feel, as the character shuffled outwards from the darkness.


Actually, the piece was shot in two sessions; the shadow boxing routine, and the shuffling forwards section.  We had already shot the 'Fleeing the Shadow' images, and worked slickly to get this further piece in the can on the same night.  Go us! 

The original zombie politicians shoot was done as stills, but
this one was consciously shot for an animated sequence.  

Hamish edited the sequences together and we have our zombie politician warming up, then coming out and right up to the camera in a menacing shuffle.  As the trailer said; '...Comin' to getcha!'

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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