Sunday, 7 June 2015

Behind the Scenes: Driven to Destruction!

Back in 2012, we posted an episode called, 'Border Crossed, Contract Complete!'  It featured photos such as these, below:

This one above, is really our darkest hour; something heavy inside the carpet, and a bloodspill.  Below, this was taken with a hand-held digital, and was unplanned.  It seemed to fit with the motif we were working to.

Round about the same time, we also took these shots, with a focus on the car interior:

Below: This was perhaps the first appearance of The Hat, who has developed into one of our most popular and well-loved characters!

Anyway, three years down the line, we are looking at these images and thinking that we could do more with the car interior theme.  With that in mind, we thought more about the disposal of the body, and an episode focusing on part of that process.  The results can be seen in the current episode.

As luck would have it, just down the road is a former entrance to an old industrial site.  It gave us a clear space behind, with just the top of the metal fence providing some appropriate texture.  We backed the car in and worked fairly quickly, so as to avoid arousing suspicion. 

We also had the same clothes to wear, so it was easy to become the same characters.

It's a grim task all right!  

                Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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