Sunday, 9 March 2014

Behind the Scenes; The Third Man and the Third Woman

Alongside the various characters that we have created and frequently portray, there have been occasional collaborators.  Extending the action and interaction with a third person has brought an extra dimension to our narrative-setting activity.  Here is Trish, starring as a mysterious and dangerous Russian-type character:

She is wearing what may well be the best hat ever seen in Shadow Laughter so far.  Lighting three people is more of a challenge, but Hamish is very good with that.   This episode was titled, 'You Don't Know How Lucky You Are, Boys!' It's a reference to the Beatles song, 'Back in the USSR'.  One of the shots from this episode featuring Trish also appears in our recent compilation, 'Those Ukraine Girls Really Knock Me Out!', which is a further line from the song.  How topical...

Enter Ann:  Ann very successfully played the role of a woman leading a dodgy business deal.

Ann had exactly the right hat and what a great profile shadow she cast in this shot!

Then came Costa.  Costa sat down at the card table and was immediately ready to clean out one of us, whilst in league with the other, of course!

There's a lot of tension, but you know it's going to go badly wrong for someone!

It has been good fun to work with these enthusiastic collaborators.  So, keep your eyes peeled; you never know when another face might pop up in an intriguing scenario!

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