Saturday, 1 March 2014

Behind the Scenes; Inside the Trailer

Early on, we decided to whet the appetite of the audience by uploading a 'trailer' every Tuesday, prior to the Thursday 'episode'.

Shadow Laughter trailers are inspired by original film noir trailer graphics, such as this one:

We researched various fonts and eventually came upon a few which have become the staple diet of our own unique trailers.  The photos behind the text have often been from the weekly shoot, although processed differently, for the sake of the graphic.  There are also one or two 'standard' atmospheric shots that have been used several times.

We also researched old movie company logos.  Thus was born the Shadow Laughter production company, Paranoir Productions.  You can see the logo on the trailers, every week.

To watch a slide show of Shadow Laughter images, accompanied by a brilliant noir-ish soundtrack composed by musician Tim Thwaites, follow this link:


Join the Shadow Laughter adventure, add your own comments to the images and/or suggest a plot line!  We're ready for your input!

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