Sunday, 23 March 2014

Behind the Scenes: Location, Location, Dislocation! Pt II

'North by North and East a Bit' was a jokey title-phrase used during the development of our 'North By North-West'-referencing episode.  (I should explain this is due to the location of the town where we are based.)

It started by collecting a few key images from the internet:

Working in the sculpture workshop, the image above was projected onto a large sheet and we positioned ourselves in front of it.  We wanted to echo the idea of a dialogue between two static characters, followed by a moment of intense action. 

Hamish had sourced a biplane image and we projected it at different angles and sizes to give the effect of it approaching dramatically.

In Shadow Laughter, our ten-second acting calls for a lot of expression.  Faces and hands are key elements in conveying the essential mood of the moment. 

However, when it comes to running, there is a distinct lack of space.  The blurred hands help to give the impression of running here, but we missed a trick by not putting wire inside the tie to make it fly out over my shoulder, just like Cary's did.


It was a 'hands thing' again for the final shots in the sequence:

This echoes the moment when Cary Grant is nearly run over by a truck, under which he takes cover from the incoming plane.

Our episode title of 'Cary On Crop Dusting' also spoof-references the Carry On movies.  More on projections, and on titles, in future blog posts!  Stay tuned, and join the adventure. 

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