Sunday, 28 September 2014

Behind the Scenes: Where the Kitchen Ends!

Our current compilation caters for all tastes and is craftily compiled from various capers carried out in the kitchens of Hamish and Martin.

I know there has been previous mention of the kitchen and how it has been transformed for particular episodes, but we thought it might be interesting to see the different contexts together.  It was in Hamish's kitchen that we first started using projected images, and below, is an early one, from a series using clock-face projections.

The following two images show the same door, but with the different lighting, angles and projected images, we hoped to sufficiently disguise the fact.

In Martin's kitchen, we shot an episode centring around distortions through glass jars.  In the shot below, we aimed for a disembodied hand and also got some Dali-style distortion in the face shots.  It was all fairly close-up, so the nature of the room wasn't obvious.

These two images were shot at the same table, in the same corner of Hamish's kitchen.

The set was both lit and dressed differently, and the characters were also different.  In the latter shot, we aimed for more unusual camera angles and interaction with props, whilst in the first one the camera remained in the one position and the attitudes of the characters carried the narrative.

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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