Sunday, 21 September 2014

Behind the Scenes: Two-Step Set-Up!

For the current episode, we went out to Hamish's studio.  In a cleared room, we set up to 'perform' the Shadow Laughter Assassination Two-Step.  We used a couple of lights and a camera with a timer on the shutter.


It took a little while to get the lighting and the framing just right, and we had to work out the limits of the space we could exploit.

It was Hamish's idea to create a kind of 'square dance' in the space.  We did a short sequence, to see if the shoot was going to be successful, but overall, the moves were all improvised based on the characters that we have developed over time.  Below are some cropped stills from the first take.

We concluded this shoot with some portrait shots, including double portraits, and samples of these compliment the video this week.  Here are a couple of the portrait shots that don't feature in the episode:

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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