Saturday, 11 April 2015

Behind the Scenes: Book Him, Danno!

Our current feature, despite it's varied locations, was once again shot in the comfort of my very own dining room.  Thanks to the technological miracle of the digital projector and the cotton sheet, Shadow Laughter can pretty much go anywhere, so long as the scale and the perspective work!  This does take some careful consideration and selection of images.

Below, is a test shot taken whilst working out the lighting and the camera exposure.


Again below, our character arrives at the police station for initial processing.  The episode title comes from a sign in the background, reading 'Offender Booking', so it's a direct lifting of that.  We were very pleased that the lighting arrangement seemed to blend well with that in the projected location; the reflections of light in the character's glasses lent a more convincing realism to the whole scene.  This was true in other scenes in this episode, too.

Above, the moment of truth, as the evidence is overwhelming and the game is finally up.  The light of justice is shone, perhaps, and seemed to work fairly well in this atmospheric scenario.

What will become of this dodgy character?  Find out tomorrow in the final, thrilling part of Offender Booking!

                Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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