Sunday, 9 November 2014

Behind the Scenes: Dine Out On This!

Any special dietary requirements?  

Well, not really dietary, but extensive and precisely laid-out cutlery is needed, plus food items also to be carefully lined-up on the plate, if you please.

Aside from all of that strict arrangement stuff, our dining episode was inspired by a work of art.  This time, it was a painting by Magritte, 'The Magician', that gave us the stimulus of an idea.

There was something about that expression that reminded me of the seriousness of our character the Hat.

Another, more famous work of art was also borne in mind for this shoot.  

Caravaggio's 'Supper at Emmaus', with typical chiaroscuro lighting of the artist, is not so far away from the lighting atmospheres we try to create.

Below, is a set-up shot.  I liked the theatrical flavour of being not quite in costume, perhaps more like an actual rehearsal?

Please note, after Monday's posting, there will be a short intermission in our schedule.  This is rare, but is due to unavoidable circumstances.

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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