Saturday, 9 August 2014

Behind the Scenes:Its in the bag

Our current feature presentation is another return to two characters at the table. (Notice we are back to our traditional positions.)  In this variation, we see the Assassin replace The Hat.  As usual, he has a face like thunder, and he has a number of items to pass to his accomplice.  

This was an opportunity to give a run out for many of our props, including the classified documents, the tape, gun, coded manuscripts, masks and so on.  Fans will recognise these from previous episodes, although the chain has only be used once before, in Middle-aged Monsters!, our Halloween special from 2013.

Having decided on the order in which to have the various items brought out of the bag, it was then a question of getting them all in.  This was quite a challenge, but after several attempts, we managed it in the end. 

Out ten-second acting routine was reduced to a four-second one for this shoot.  However, like the assassin's contract, it was all very carefully set up. 

You can watch it here:  It's in the bag

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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