Sunday, 8 March 2015

Behind the Scenes: Through a Veil Darkly!

In Shadow Laughter, we've frequently used the changing circumstances and situations life has thrown at us as material for our narrative images.  This has included using photos taken on holiday in our projected locations, and large cardboard cartons for moving house.

This time around, the stripped bare walls of a bedroom awaiting fresh plaster became our textured location.  The first instalment of Veiled Motive!  is shot through some plastic sheeting hung up in the doorway.  This gave a fuzzy, undefined look to the shadowy figure beyond, and also added texture of its own to the images.

The text on the sheeting is a warning that it is 'not a toy'.  Viewing the shots for the first time, we were somehow reminded of the work of the painter Whistler.  

Saturday's instalment was shot from the other side of this hazy veil, as the second character approaches and slices his way through the filmy divide.

The character is revealed as 'Dumbdog', who first appeared just over two years ago, and is only seen occasionally.  He seems to have had a somewhat detrimental effect on proceedings here, however.

Will he ever get up to speed?

                Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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