Sunday, 29 March 2015

Behind the Scenes: A Shut and Open Case!

Back in November 2012, we posted the episode 'Sinister Exchange', in which a small wooden case was handed over in exchange for something in an envelope.

For that particular shoot, we used a simple table-top space, and some very close-up, intimate lighting.  What we didn't do on that occasion, and not until now, three years later, was to reveal the contents of the case.

The case has a second lid and then is sectioned off into irregular compartments with plywood walls.  I acquired the case many years ago, as a young man helping out over the summer in my uncle's furniture shop.  My Dad made the lid and the compartments and replaced the exterior fittings too.  I have used it to store small artefacts and documents that trigger memories from earlier years.  One such artefact is this Italian-design melamine light switch, kept in a small plastic bag (above).  Shot from this angle, it looks like a face peering out from the shadows.

The rubber gloves are not a usual feature in the case, but were added this time for effect.  In this particular light, they give a Batman-style texture to the image, which we like.

We've used masks more than once, but this one seems particularly sinister.  It is made simply from a brown paper bag with some torn-out eye holes and string taped on the back.  The idea came from a news item I saw, advertising a 'museum of murder', where artefacts from crimes are to be displayed.  Here's a link to the image that struck me.

We include the other artefacts to extend the narrative ideas.  Make of them what you will!

                Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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