Sunday, 8 February 2015

Behind the Scenes: Slip Slidin' Away!

 This week, Shadow Laughter has been skulking around the backstreets of Nowhere but Nowhere.  You will find us in the darker recesses off Osborne Boulevard, en route to who-knows-what rendezvous with skulduggery?


The last time we had an outing to the streets was in Odyssey in Osborneville, a location we named after a certain politician.  In our current episode, our characters shuffle from the barber's to the backstreet, from the bright lights to the darkness, as they make their way to an altogether colder destination.


However, the dynamic duo didn't go too far in capturing these images.  In fact, all the shots were done in the comfort of the living room, thanks to some skilfully-selected images which were projected behind us.  We reckon they are pretty convincing, but what do you think?  

When seeing these images for the first time, I was reminded of an old tv theme tune.  In fact, it was the closing credits from The Protectors.  The lyrics are kind of appropriate...take a listen!

We're always open to feedback and new ideas, so get in touch if there's an idea you'd like to share.

              Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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