Sunday, 15 February 2015

Behind the Scenes: It Was the Dyson What Did It!

Welcome to the scene of the crime!  Here we are at the back of the kitchen, where the body previously lay, now marked out with tape. 

Just about all of the blood has been cleaned up, although the bloody handprint on the kitchen door has been left to be photographed by our forensics investigator.

Boy, it looks like he's had a long day!  Actually, it's a rare moment of contemplation, amongst our usual array of anxiety-ridden, menacing, and downright hangdog expressions.  We thought this would bring a refreshing change to proceedings.

Yet, who are these two other characters, engaged in some sort of push-and-shove disruption?  Is it they who were responsible for the murder?  Technically, we tried to give this picture (and others that follow on, tomorrow,) a different look, as if they have been taken by someone other than us.  The contrast has been heightened to give a strong flash effect, as if the characters have been caught unawares, and are trying to avoid the Press.

Speaking of characters, we have a couple of new ones arriving on the scene shortly, so keep your eyes open!

                 Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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