Sunday, 19 October 2014

Behind the Scenes: Why? WHY?

Scrabble is a great, fun game for all the family, right?  However, when Shadow Laughter get their hands on it, things take a far more serious turn...

Regular viewers may well recognise the setting for this week's episode; it's the dining table at Martin's house, which has featured in many previous episodes.  Whilst its performance has always been wooden, it has been solid and reliable.

Here are some setting-up shots we did, whilst we sorted out the lighting and the camera settings:  

Below: The kind of words you might expect to be played in this context.

The two other players were taking a short break, for some mysterious reason.

We like a fair amount of texture, and dressing the set allows for this.  The lycra bag of letters was especially useful, we found.


We toyed with the idea of unusual camera angles for this shoot, but in the end, went with some low-angle shots, amongst others.

Tune in Monday, for the thrilling yet educational conclusion to Double Word Danger!

Stay tuned, and join the adventure! 

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