Sunday, 13 April 2014

Behind the Scenes: Still Life with Mystery!

Our background in art informs both our individual work and our collaboration in Shadow Laughter.  In this post, the focus is on our use of the still life motif. It recurs from time to time, and in different contexts.

The first example of still life, is from this early episode, where the desperate character is interacting with a careful arrangement of alcoholic beverages and important documents.  The fan was cropped out and only appears in the final edit as a shadow.  In fact, the position of the shadows became important in the arranging of the objects. 

In the 'sequel' to that episode, we used still life to suggest a disturbance, perhaps a burglary or an unwarranted search.

In a later episode, we returned to still life, but this time on a table.  Here, we suggested the idea of a heist or burglary of some description.  Has it happened or is it yet to take place?

You may spot a Raymond Chandler book amongst the arrangement of objects... 

Later still, we used the idea of still life as the rendez-vous for an encounter.  In this set-up, we had actually eaten a meal together, and mostly left the remains in place.  One or two additional items were carefully placed, and we included some shots from unusual angles in the final edit.

Below, is a rather 'extended' still life.  In another heist-planning scenario, everyday objects, including toys, are used to represent architectural features as the characters rehearse how the job will play out.

Keep on the lookout for further use of still life in forthcoming episodes!

Stay tuned, and join the adventure. 

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